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Guru Dynamic Fit Unit™

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The GURU Dynamic Fit Unit™ (DFU™) is the world’s most advanced fit bike – providing an infinite range of motion and real-time adjustment to create the perfect ride for you.
  • The DFU™ is 100% computer-controlled and delivers accurate riding position adjustments while pedaling – giving you confidence in your position and ensuring maximum riding performance.
  • When utilizing GURU’s Virtual Ride™ module, the DFU’s™ automated incline/decline movement simulates changes in terrain – giving you the ability to test your riding position while riding uphill and downhill (up to18% gradient!)



Guru Fit System™ Software


GURU’s revolutionary software powers the GURU Fit System™ – providing you with an interactive, personalized fit experience to create the perfect riding position.
  • GURU’s software captures individual riding positions during your fit session, allowing you to easily compare and contrast different positions to determine which is best for you.
  • GURU’s Virtual Warehouse™ replaces a conventional test ride by allowing you to select individual models to ride on the GURU Fit System™ – featuring thousands of bikes across all categories (road, cyclocross, mountain, tri, recreation) from major manufacturers.
  • Every GURU fit session includes a comprehensive, personalized fit report that outlines your exact riding position coordinates – making it easy to replicate your riding position on a new bike or an existing bike.



rider-scan-for-websGURU RIDER SCAN™ Technology

GURU’s revolutionary Rider Scan™ technology is powered by our innovative 3D camera system – delivering precise anatomic analysis to create the perfect fit experience.

Your primary Rider Scan™ captures all essential contact points to drive your GURU fit – including height, inseam, shoulder width, arm length and more. This innovative process eliminates the need for manual measurements – ensuring superior data accuracy.

GURU’s 3D camera system identifies all major contact points during your fit session without the use of adhesive tracking dots or bulky equipment – allowing you to ride in superior comfort. In addition, our camera system features real-time body angle tracking – delivering instant anatomic analysis of your riding position



Our Partners

We collaborate with industry leaders to outfit the GURU Fit System™ with tools that enhance the system’s performance and provide you with a premium, one-of-a-kind experience

fizikThe GURU Fit System™ features 14 Fizik saddles to match your anatomic needs and riding preferences. Fizik’s innovative spine concept test provides a personal touch to saddle selection by recommending a particular saddle based on your flexibility.


zip-truvativZipp supplies the GURU Fit System™ with a comprehensive collection of road and triathlon handlebars – delivering tailored component selection for your bike of choice. Our Zipp collection features two road handlebar designs available in 4 different widths and 3 aero extension choices to match your anatomic preferences.



Created by Dan Empfield, founder of and renowned bike fit « guru, » the F.I.S.T. protocol combines years of fit data and your real-time feedback to create the best possible riding position to match your riding style.



alineGURU is proud to partner with Aline to enhance your riding comfort and performance. Aline’s patented system creates 3D-based, personalized insole recommendations for cycling shoes to create optimal foot alignment — maximizing your comfort and efficiency while pedaling. This innovative, interactive process alleviates discomfort and power loss that is commonly caused by differences in leg length and foot anatomy.



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